Teen dating violence statistics Free online site to swap dirty pics

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Teen dating violence statistics

Teen violence carries with it some interesting statistics.Many concerned organizations compile them regularly to raise awareness of teen violence.The abuser typically shows jealousy of other relationships and monopolizes the victim’s time so that they can’t engage in healthy relationships with others.They usually keep track of all of the victim’s actions and conversations.This includes hacking a partner’s email account or going through their phone to keep track of who they’re talking to, harassing or threatening via social media, pressuring a girlfriend or sext, or sending repeated and unwanted calls or text messages.Read our article “It’s a teen issue” to learn more about what Teen Dating Violence looks like.Just Say YES provides programs that not only present the dangerous facts about teen dating violence, but take one step further to equip students to make better decisions.Our positive approach to prevention gives students the knowledge and awareness to avoid or seek help for dating violence.

A pattern of put-downs, name-calling, yelling, or threats leveled against a dating partner.

Abusers use words to gain power and control over their victim, often damaging their partner’s self-esteem and emotional health.

Encouraging or demanding that a partner neglect relationships with friends and family.

This also includes sexual contact with a partner who is intoxicated or drugged and unable to give clear and informed consent.

The use of any technology to control, pressure, or threaten a dating partner.

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Young teens often do not realize that this kind of control is abusive.