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Too accommodating

Canada is Far Too Accommodating Dave Hodson The Western Standard September 6, 2007 There is an ongoing debate in Canada surrounding the issue of integration vs. When people immigrate to a new country, there is usually an expectation that they alter their ways somewhat to integrate into the new society and culture.

In Canadian society, however, we seem to be far more accommodating than other countries when it comes to immigration, and in my opinion, we accommodate too much and immigrants integrate too little.

Modifications in testing often involve requiring a student to cover less material or material that is less complex.

The number of people applying for such status was probably at least twice the 24,514 number.And guess who will end up paying for these legal settlements?Furthermore, it is our public health care system that will pay for their medical treatment. Every December, we read about Christmas trees being removed from public spaces out of fear the display of a Christian icon may offend other religions.Today we see just one more example of how Canadian society has become far too accommodating.Rightfully, current electoral laws require that all voters prove their identity before being allowed to vote.

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There are different types of classroom accommodations, including presentation (like listening to an audio recording of a text) and setting (like where a student sits).