Top dating sites for indians

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Top dating sites for indians

During the Historic period, sickness and diseases brought by Spanish missionaries and French traders devastated entire villages.To cite only a few examples, the mission Atakapans were stricken twice by disease in the 1750s, while Karankawas suffered a "devastating scourge" of measles and/or smallpox in 1766.

Among the earliest accounts of native peoples are the 1537 journal of Cabeza de Vaca and the 1680s chronicle by the Frenchman Henri Joutel, one of La Salle’s colonists on the Texas coast.The Texas coastal prairies and marshlands is a region abundant in diverse resources.Bordering the Gulf of Mexico, with its bays, estuaries, and barrier islands, and tracking inland into sandy dunes, brackish marshlands, floodplain forests, and prairie grasslands, the narrow region winds along the coast for more than 600 miles, from Port Arthur to Brownsville.Teeming with fish, acting as a magnet for birds and wildlife, and giving nutrients to plants, the river offered a cornucopia of potential foods for the people who lived near it.Nowhere was that food more plentiful than at its mouth in modern Cameron County, Texas.

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These accounts differ greatly in perspective: Cabeza de Vaca and his shipwrecked companions lived as captives among a succession of native groups in south Texas and along the coast.

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