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"There's no point in denying that it is a new experience for you and if the age gap is a problem, then you need to admit it," says Petra Boynton. But it's important to talk together about any worries you have about the age-gap. DO: be aware that there will be pressure on you to act younger than you are.Often, this issue becomes a taboo between age-gap couples - but if you bring it up, do you really think he's going to be shocked? "Be aware of it but don't give yourself up to it," advises Denise Knowles.So is a sexy, fun and intelligent dating community, but it is not a sex site.Our members are looking for love, lust and romance and no judgement is placed based on which you choose.Older women have discarded their lengthy tick box lists and stopped trying to mould a man into some perceived ideal, and young men crave the confidence and experience that only years can give to a woman.

"Some older children may try and interfere in your relationship because your boyfriend is more on their wavelength.

DON'T BE: "Been there, done that." Resist the temptation to be worldly wise about everything.

If he is excited about an experience and you've done it before or don't think it's right for you, try and put aside your preconceptions.

Of course, behaving in this way will make any relationship more fun - but when he's your age or older, it can be more difficult. "Recognise it's because they care, thank them and then put it to the back of your mind," advises Paula. Celebrate what it is that brings you together and focus on that." 4.

"The only way you can find out if this relationship will work is to find out for yourself, so don't be defensive."3. "You need to be prepared, together, to come up against certain stereotypes about your relationship," says Petra Boynton. Do: Consider children: whether he wants them, or you do, or how to handle any you already have.

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"Some women get so wound up about other's attitudes to the age gap that they end up mentioning it before anyone else does, almost as if it really is something to be ashamed of," says Petra Boynton.

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