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Uk dating market size

Suggested initial topic reading: The Garden City: A housing movement revisited.

Rapidly approaching its 90th anniversary the Garden City movement revolutionised the design of housing and communities within the United Kingdom.

Indeed, with its wider frontages, open spaces and non-car areas, the movement pioneered a number of features that have remained as staple ingredients of housing developments to the present day.

Seen as a way in which to check urban sprawl, remove citizens from the dangers of the street, and enable them to benefit from the privacy that hitherto only the wealthy had enjoyed, politicians from Tony Benn to Keith Joseph championed the cause of high-rise developments.Using both primary and secondary sources this dissertation provides an insight into the planning decisions that led to the conversion of army huts - or 'hutments' as some local authorities coined - into accommodation for periods of up to six years as well as providing a social commentary of the nature of living within them.Suggested initial topic reading: Perceptions of high-rises: A planner's dream, a resident's nightmare?Aneurin 'Nye' Bevan was once described by his Labour party successor, Hugh Dalton, as 'a tremendous Tory' for his adherence to building standards in the council house building programme that he oversaw in the immediate post-war period.This dissertation evaluates the achievements of Bevan in their historical context.

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