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Updating clam av

Besides, as for updating live site, Azure App Service enable us to set up staging environments, you could set up and deploy app with updates in a staging deployment slot, and validate app changes in a staging deployment slot before swapping it with the production slot.

freshclam may do more then simply download the newest files..may also then process these files so that the information they contain is now usable by Clam AV when you request a scan).

With this version of Ubuntu and Clam AV, the Clam AV virus databases are still stored in: /var/lib/clamav/.

To do this, one way is to open Synaptic Package Manager, select "Settings" - and then enable "Unsupported updates (lucid-backports).

When the i run the command 'freshclam' to update the clamav application, it is not taking the database updates.

Because the pc doesn't have access to the internet so i would like to do it manually.

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I copy these files into /var/lib/clamav/ using the command cp with sudo.

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