Updating client hardware definitions

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For any application basically, you will cover all the types of test cases including functional, negative and boundary value test cases. Try writing the simple test cases as mentioned in above test case format.

Keep in mind while writing test cases that all your test cases should be simple and easy to understand. Generally, I use Excel sheets to write the basic test cases.

Do you know what is the difference between briyani sold on road side shop and five star hotel. how to learn to put across our ideas in a perfect and impressive to get to know to express our ideas like how you explained.please tell me.thanks a lot,@rajatha : You mentioned like Windows 2000/XP in your profile. In general in Testing, you may come across some situations that you need to Test your Application on Different Platforms and Supporting Environment.If you have mentioned in your resume that you have tested this application on 2 different OS then his question makes sense.because then the question is why did you test the application on 2 different OS.Hi Rajatha, Your answer was right, but the way you put across may not have gone well with him\her.Check the difference this sentences make : Your sentence :”actually when he asked why only 7, for that i said still i need to get more exposure in manual testing.”Better way : ” I think learning never ends, so everyday i learn from whatever i do and feel that their is certainly a scope for improvement.

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