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Updating injunctions

An injunction is effectively an order restraining a party to which it is directed from taking a particular act or requiring it to take a particular course of action.

The remedy developed as a means of doing justice as between the parties where the traditional common law remedy of damages proved to be inadequate or unsuitable.

Conversely, an injunction which directs the positive performance of a particular step is known as a 'mandatory injunction', which is rarer.

The former are granted before the trial of the action.

In practice, however, a mandatory order imposes an additional degree of hardship or expense on a defendant, which can influence a judge when exercising his or her discretion.

As put in the English authority of "it is a jurisdiction to [be] exercised sparingly and with caution but, in the proper case, unhesitatingly".

An example where money would be inadequate would be a case where someone, with no right to do so, is constantly driving over someone else's land.

There may be some wear and tear to the land for which the owner would like compensation but if the driver is allowed to continue driving over the land providing he pays compensation, that would not be justice.

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The nature of mandatory injunctions As summarised above, a mandatory injunction compels a party to which it is directed to carry out a specific obligation or perform a specified act.

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