Updating my garmin nuvi

Posted by / 03-Aug-2017 13:09

Updating my garmin nuvi

I had the same problem when I wanted to upgrade from the 2009 streetmaps to the Topo & Rec maps - the upgrade price was reflected incorrect.

Once my unit and maps were registerd, it reflected the price correctly.

There are ten million sites and every guy has his own way of updating (ok not really, but that is how I feel). It depends on what you have currently loaded on your GPS - or at least the Garmin ones.

I have gone to the za site and managed to download the latest firmware and voices for my GPS. If I am not mistaken the first update is for free (correct me if I am wrong)The GPS is bought from Cape Union Mart in December 2008 and never been updated since then. You must first register your GPS and current maps on their website and then the upgrade prices will reflect correctly.

The only choice is to find a relative small map that can fit in 2GB space.

Because of this, we could not install the latest 2015.10 map (2.2GB) and had to choose 2013.40 version.

Open Street Map (OSM) is the most used and globally recognised source for maps.

They are free, created and updated by users and volunteers across the World.

For example, the one I listed above in the Baidu Cloud works great.is the base map containing only large roads and larger cities, not really suitable for routing.You could delete it but as it is only about 50 MB you wouldn’t gain much space.You can get a 4GB SD card for around USD 4: Kingston, San Disk. Garmin says it will only accept up to a 4GB card for certain models, so check that in advance.Some other recommended Garmin Sat Navs are the ones below.

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Maybe put back in my car as a backup when cell phone signals are low. Garmin had some firmware updates (Version 5.20) dated back in 2010. After install the software and plug in the GPS in the computer, the software automatically detected the device and offer me the updates. Garmin offers one time update for $50 or lifetime update for $90. For example: North America 2015.10 and North America 2013.40 .