Updating php version sasha and naeto c dating

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Any open source project using Composer is recommended to publish their packages on Packagist.

A library does not need to be on Packagist to be used by Composer, but it enables discovery and adoption by other developers more quickly.

You can only launch the latest version of each Windows Server platform configuration and cannot roll back after an upgrade.

(See more about Packagist below, or read more about repositories here).

Packagist aims to be the central repository that everybody uses.(Note that you can also specify "platform packages" as dependencies, allowing you to require certain versions of server software.See platform packages below.) In our example, we are requesting the Monolog package with the version constraint key.Even if you develop alone, in six months when reinstalling the project you can feel confident the dependencies installed are still working even if your dependencies released many new versions since then.(See note below about using the Packagist is the main Composer repository.

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Elastic Beanstalk applies managed updates with no downtime or reduction in capacity, and cancels the update immediately if instances running your application on the new version fail health checks.