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Marano began acting when she was two years old and took theater roles as a child. Marano began acting professionally at the age of seven.

Her mother is the owner of Agoura Children’s Theatre. Vanessa educated herself by attending a community college.

"We're so lucky we're in a society now where men are attracted to women who can take care of themselves and stick up for themselves." Amen, sister! You don't need a guy, especially one that doesn't treat you like you deserve.

Young actress Vanessa Marano who is known for her role of Bay Kennish on television series Switched at Birth likes to keep her personal life private.

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Short Description Of Liane Valenzuela: Liane Valenzuela is Multi talented and imaginative, engaged transversely in various social media pulpits.

"I feel that's something that's going to rear its ugly head," Vanessa reveals.

Liane has accomplished remarkable reputation on Vine, which has more than 4.6 million followers.

Liane is also a Model, dancer, writer, actress (

Short Description Of Jessie Wallace: Jessie Wallace is an English actress.

She did her first television role in 1999 in the British series The Bill.

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It's nice to have someone to lean on when you're having a tough time, but it's also important to know that you get through things on your own and to stand up for yourself and the way you want to be treated in a relationship.

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