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Please note that this is an automatic translation and we cannot guarantee its accuracy.Do you have question concerning job search or work in Germany? If so, here you can hunt for vacancies in sectors where Germany is suffering from a shortage of qualified professionals.

A job board is a website which posts jobs supplied by employers, whereas job search engines scour the web and aggregate job listings from job boards and employer website.

Check out Fort Worth jobs as well, since the two cities make up the larger metropolitan area.

Forbes lists Dallas as number 13 on their list of Best Places for Business and Careers, and number 28 on their Job Growth list, making jobs in Dallas a good choice for anyone seeking employment.

You can use the filter above to search for vacancies in your line of work. The name of your profession or your search term will then be machine-translated into German.

If you know the name of your profession in German, just write it in the search box. If you do not know the name of your profession in German, write the name or a related search term in your native language in the search box. After that, click “Filter” to see the vacancies that match your search.

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Leading industries for Dallas jobs are finance, technology and defense, according to Forbes.

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