Who is big e langston dating

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Who is big e langston dating

I sleep a couple hours, get on a flight and then go back home.

There's a decent amount of us who like to do other stuff and be busy in our home lives. We're not like actors in a traditional sense in that they can do a role for a few months and then escape into another role, so people see their onscreen identities as more fluid [and] don't connect them for the most part to who that individual is, but people always see me as Big E.

26, for an episode of WWE Raw that unfolds the day after WWE Royal Rumble, one of the company's premier events.

We caught up with Big E to talk about the nitty-gritty of his tough professional schedule, plus food (although not discussed here, he highly recommends the burrito chain Pancheros) and the world of "Girls."CTNow: Take us behind the scenes of your life on the road as a WWE talent. The selling point of what we do is our interaction and the people seeing that we're actually friends, so that definitely helps alleviate any of the stresses of being on the road.

I will admit to not having the cleanest of diets, and that's something I'm working on.

On the road, you get used to places that are open after shows at 1 or 2 in the morning, and then trying to eat as clean as possible.Signing to WWE in 2009 after growing up as a football player, Big E, left, currently teams with fellow wrestlers Kofi Kingston,right, and Xavier Woods in a high-energy outfit called the New Day.(Courtesy of WWE) Editor's note: The WWE RAW Live one-night show scheduled for Monday, Jan.It was fantastic, so that definitely helps [pass the time].When I first got on the road, my concern was 'All I want to do is think about wrestling and doing the best I can,' but then you start to realize it's really necessary to have other things you enjoy or other things to keep your mind on because there's so much that goes on.

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I just watched the premiere of "House of Lies." "House of Cards" is coming in February, [and I've watched] "Broad City" [and] a bunch of "Workaholics," so that's something that I do just to pass the time and get my mind off the rigors of the road.

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