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I’ve often found myself feeling frustrated at the criticisms I’ve heard about feminism – like that all feminists are annoying – but at the same time, I have to agree that some things need to change or we won’t be able to continue moving forward.

Judging from the comments and emails we get, I know a lot of you guys feel the same way.

As the film ends, Jane is reduced to being just another bland, smiling worker, prepared to help clean other dirty computers. we realize we've been fooled: Jane and Zen have held onto their identities and break their lover Ché out, ultimately escaping the clutches of this repressive society.

Monáe is speaking to the present, but for her, the future is now.But even as we speak up for women and applaud the efforts of modern-day feminists, we still have to admit that the feminist movement is no where near perfect.Yes, we can say that there are some things really wrong with feminism right now and still be feminists.Here are 12 things that are wrong with feminism right now that we all need to keep in mind: ibbity: I identify as feminist, but I don't identify as a feminist, i.e.I believe in the equality of the sexes and I oppose gender discrimination but I won't hang the tag of A Feminist on myself because that seems to me to be announcing to the world that I agree with all of what modern feminism says, which I don't.

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According to Us Weekly, the DKNY brand ambassador and the Good Time producer have shared the same 'friend group for years.' The duo exchanged vows at a quaint New York City Hall ceremony where their witnesses included social media star The Fat Jew and Bear-Mc Clard's friend and co-director on Good Time, Josh Safdie.

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